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Perseverance “He conquers who endures.” Persius

Perseverance - He conquers who endures.” Persius

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Today and tomorrow, I am spending time with my veteran friend, Job Savage. Why am I doing that? Job is a man who fought alongside my grandfather Archie during WWII. A man, whom as of today, as lived 100 years. He was born on November 2, 1914, three years before American entered WWI. Job has been married to his wife Agnes for 76 years! She is 95 years young. A great article was written last year by Justin Williams Pope about Job, when he was 99 (see link below):

Job is one reason I named Chapter 4 of my new book, Solitary Vigilance, Perseverance. Job is the definition of perseverance. He is full of optimism, has enthusiasm for life, he is kind and personable. He is the first person I have met who is 100 years old. I am honored to call Job my friend. Happy 100th Birthday Job!

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