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Veterans Day

"We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on

those who would harm us.” Sir Winston Churchill

As we commemorate Veterans Day this Tuesday, November 11th, it is time for some to spend one day thanking Veterans who are alive or remembering those Veterans who have died.

Every day we wake up and experience freedom here in America! We need to remember all those Veterans who have served, been wounded and in many cases, given the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf. Our freedom has been protected for the last 238 years. As men and women, actively serve in our military today, we can lay our heads on our pillow at night, knowing they are ready to visit violence on our enemies; enemies who are determined to kill us and take away our freedom. Retribution is coming for any enemy of the United States.

Thank you to all active and retired Veterans out there. Those veterans who have passed from this life will always be remembered. God bless America.

Tim Drake


Inherited Freedom

Solitary Vigilance

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