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Tim Drake’s “Death is the Final Reckoning” is an incredible journey into some of the unsolved historical mysteries following WWII. I greatly enjoyed the storyline, and the main character’s recounts of his service experiences told in “Solitary Vigilance” that took place before and during WWII were timely and pointed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  Steve Biles 11/15/18


Death Is The Final Reckoning is very engaging, compelling, and a fully

satisfying excursion into the realm of post World War II missions. I would love 

to see a Movie made out of this book!  Keep Writing!!  Cherie McDonald 8/1/18

Another GREAT! Book from Tim Drake. A True Patriot.

I have read all of Tim's books and thoroughly enjoyed each one.

I encourage everyone to do the same. His first book, Inherited Freedom, 

reveals why he writes the way he does. Patriotism at it's best.

God Bless Tim Drake and God Bless the USA!   Steven Nelson - Endicott, NY 7/23/18


Tom Milliken on May 18,2016

It’s one of my favorites. Just read Solitary Vigilance - enjoyed it a lot. Man, Allen Voight is Rambo on steroids. Taking out a zero with a Springfield. Wow! That’s better than Chris Kyle. However, I believe the D.E. I was on could have taken out a sub on the surface with our 40 mike-mikes or our 20 mike- mikes. I enjoyed the book.


Tim Oliver on March 31, 2015

This is the second book that Mr. Drake has written, and I have enjoyed both. Mr. Drake's life has been a quest for knowledge of all things WW II, and that is certainly evidenced here in his knowledge of the historical based subject matter. From his creation and introduction of characters, to his descriptions of historical events, Mr. Drake "gets in right". This is one that you can't put down, and when you are finished, you want more! A great work of historical based military fiction. Fans of Clancy and W.E.B. Griffin will enjoy this fine work by Mr. Drake.

Steven G. Nelson on March 15, 2015

I highly recommend you read Tim Drake’s “Solitary Vigilance“. Tim Drake is a True and Proud Patriot whose Love of His Country is unquestionable. His Passion and Mission is to remind us to Honor and Appreciate, and to never forget the Sacrifices of all Veterans past and present that preserve our Freedoms. You should also read Tim Drake‘s ”Inherited Freedom” and learn of his Family’s personal contribution to the preservation of those Freedoms.


Scott Rowe on January 5, 2015

If you love WWII historical novels you must read this book. I was riveted to it from the moment I started it. The author did a great job in weaving in so many key WWII events into the main character's life. Its a book that I will definitely ready again. I recommend it highly.


Edward Rynasewycz on January 5, 2015

It was amazing how Tim Drake in this novel gave us on how in a span of 20 years of service for his country Allen Voight achieved what many dream of accomplishing for themselves, family and country:To learn, fight hard, survive and LIVE to tell it ALL. In reading this book you sensed you were right next to Allen on all the covert assignments that he was on. Would be terrific to see this story unfold on a movie screen.


Peter Lundy on December 16, 2014

This book depicts heroic careers of our US armed forces. It states history and made me appreciate what sacrifices of our brothers and sisters endure now and during all wars. I particularly was interested because my son just completed basic training is headed to Fort Benning for special forces airborne training. Highly recommend Mr. Drake's books and will be looking forward to his future work.


Joellyn Lazarek on December 7, 2014

Anyone who loves our country, our military and the sacrifices that they have made for us needs to read this book! It is full of history in an emotional and entertaining way. You will thoroughly enjoy it.


Island Queen on December 3, 2014

Well researched novel - historically, geographically accurate, wrapped in an interesting story. Couldn't put it down.


Joseph D. Given Jr. "Joe Given" on December 1, 2014

Tim Drake's novel is an absolute page-turner! Tim so masterfully weaves a riveting novel into pages of our country's history and the events leading up to and through the Second World War. What's incredible is the skill the author demonstrates as he winds the story-line of the novel through actual events, dates, times, circumstances. You feel like your're right there will Allen Voigt re-living history. This is a must read. Enjoy!


Donald Stanley "Proud Vet" on November 30, 2014

I thought this was a well written novel and a page turner. It did take me by surprise when he said in 1928 that a "Jeep" picked him up, didn't build them until 1940 or 41. Still a good book.


Tim P. Foster "Concerned American" on November 27, 2014

Tim Drake follows up his first book with a spectacular thriller that builds from Allen Voigt's basic training to his individual action in multiple theaters of WWII. The historical accuracy and descriptive narration makes you feel like you are walking alongside the hero throughout his seemingly lifetime campaign and commitment to his country. Get this book for you, your friends and young men so that they will never forget what men did to save our great nation and our way of life nearly 70 years ago.


Morris Franklin on November 21, 2014

Tim Drake has done it again, this time by portraying for us one man's patriotism and varied life of military service. Is it fiction, historical fiction, or biography? The answer is "yes", with the point being that stories of military service come in all shapes and sizes, yet are always insights to the prices that have been paid to make our country great. Once again, the legacy of our World War II veterans comes to life in Tim Drake's newest book, Solitary Vigilance, as always well researched and this time as entertaining as a Hollywood movie, without sacrificing the somber nature of the military service portrayed.

Joey Hancockon November 18, 2014

The BEST military book that I have ever read!

This book is a must read. Filled with immense knowledge, hours of research and interviews, author Tim Drake creates a factual canvas to pen his fictional story of war, intrigue and romance upon. Each page seems turn with more urgency than the last guiding the reader down European alleyways and Pacific footpaths. The characters are developed in such a way that you know them or do you. I highly recommend Solitary Vigilance for both the military reader and those who want to get a realistic look into the life of the WWII soldier. Tim Drake is becoming one of America's most noticed writers. Do not miss this opportunity to get his book.


Bob Mills on November 16, 2014

"Solitary Vigilance" is a terrific novel based upon historically documented facts and carefully gathered information from WWII survivors memories. Tim Drake is an awesome author, researcher and American patriot dedicated to ensuring history does not forget the contributions of the "Greatest Generation". This story of Allen Voigt provides incredible insight about the degree to which those of us who have served our country as intelligence operatives were committed to safeguarding freedom for the United States of America and her allies. Very fast moving and masterfully written, you will hardly be able to put the book down until completed.


Steve Biles on October 24, 2014

Solitary Vigilance is a patriotic step back in time that I thoroughly enjoyed. The book is honest in its emotions and not watered down to fit modern times. The portrayal of duty and sacrifice during this pivotal time in history is a vivid reminder of just how great our nation can be. I recommend this book enthusiastically.



I thoroughly enjoyed “Inherited Freedom”. The historical accounts and unique insight provided a terrific read. The author’s respect for the greatest generation’s sacrifices is evident, and I appreciate his bold, honest stance on many issues facing our nation today. I recommend this book to anyone who loves freedom, and acknowledges the lessons learned from that time in our nation’s history should never be forgotten.



This book is a wake up call for America. There is a price for freedom, and Inherited Freedom is a compelling story about the sacrifices families make. God is our foundation, and these patriots fight for America and our way of life. Tim Drake defines America's patriotism.


Tim Drake has taken a critical and often forgotten period of our nation's recent history and brought it to life, while at the same time connected the reader to his family, and conveyed his fervency for instilling the values and commitment of that generation into today's society. America's youth and many older citizens desperately need to read this book to be reminded of what was given and sacrificed by their grandparents and why that is important to them and their actions today.



I discovered Tim Drake's book "Inherited Freedom" while researching the ship my recently deceased father had been stationed on during World War II. Like Tim's grandfather Maurice, my father was assigned to the U.S.S. Culebra Island, a repair ship in the South Pacific. Hoping to learn more information about the ship and my father's experiences during the war, I purchased the book and began reading it right away. What a wonderful book it turned out to be! Most importantly to me, thanks to Tim's research on his grandfather Maurice and the Culebra Island, I was able to get a better understanding of where my father had traveled, when he had been there, and a feel for what the war had been like for him. Beyond that however, I enjoyed how the book used the personal stories of his grandfathers to show what millions of members of "The Greatest Generation" went through while fighting for their country. The book also compares and contrasts that generation that unselfishly fought for their country with what is happening in the U.S. now.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in the experiences of soldiers and sailors during World War II, or anyone who wants to read a thoughtful and loving memoir by a grandson about his grandfathers.



“Inherited Freedom” reveals the author’s amazing in depth research of the Drake Families’ military contribution to America’s freedom and their loved ones ultimate sacrifices. The book focuses on WWII primarily. Mr. Drake honored the family who adopted him through this book and his love for history. He provides detailed data from available information provided to him by family and veterans who served alongside them. His writing details the realities of the “Greatest Generations” efforts to win the war and serve our country. He provides personal insights about contributions to our freedom and the importance of not allowing that contribution to be forgotten. Rich with insights detailing his relatives’ military training and war support efforts, typically not covered to the personal degree depicted by other authors, is a must read for military historians and WWII buffs. (B. Mills Aug 9,'14)



First off let me just say how honored I was to receive a copy of your book. I 'm not much of a writer myself but ,just you takeing the time being at the VVA meeting you attended in Cumming,and hearing your story truely made me feel as if what I have been for the past 10 yrs has been more than rewarding. You taking the time to learn, and experience some of what and where your Grandfathers had been ,shows that if you had been called upon You would served her proudly, I have no doubt about it. Also I would like to let you know that the copy you gave to me, to give to SPC. Micheal Click who's stepbrother Matt Phillips was mention in your book was personally handed to him, and I showed him where in your book Matt was mentioned. Honestly I hope everyone who reads your book is as touched and understands the meaning "INHERITED FREEDOM" , and that I will be passing this book down through my family so that they too can understand what their fellow Americans have been and will always be fighting for, and what my generation has faught for. You Sir are an inspiration in your own right and for that I Salute you! 


Joey Hancock
I have always loved books. My mother placed a book in my hands along with a baby bottle and by the time I was four I could read. Since that time, I have read almost any and every book that I could.  So, with that history and being an author myself, I am always checking out book titles. When I saw the title of Tim Drake’s new book, Inherited Freedom, I was hooked.


In this beautifully crafted book, Mr. Drake outlines in the lives of his two grandfathers, World War II Veterans, the concept that the freedom that we all enjoy in America is an “Inherited Freedom”. This is not a book review, but you need to read this book. You will never see a soldier in uniform or a Veteran the same again. A large dose of pride and gratitude will fill your heart as you begin to understand the high cost of our freedom.

 America needs to hear this concept over and over again this Fourth of July season. Each time you see the flag wave, hear a marching band play a patriotic song, sing God Bless America or do something as simple as eat an all American hot dog with you family, remember you do so because you have inherited this great freedom from the generations who have gone on ahead.

These generations have given their lives and their families have sacrificed deeply to keep us safe and free. Chairs sit vacant around kitchen tables waiting for soldiers to come home that never will. Cross covered cemeteries tell countless stories of bravery throughout our land and the world.

Let me just mention two of the ways that Inherited Freedom challenges us. First, this concept calls us to respect and honor those who stood and protected us and our families. I have in my hand my Uncle Bill’s U.S. Marine Corps knife. He carried this knife all across the pacific theater as a combat soldier. He passed away a number of years ago and I was given his knife. Each time I open it I wonder where and how he used it while he stood up for freedom and fought for America. Just holding it gives me a feeling of pride and patriotism. So, when you see that older man or woman with the veteran’s hat waving a flag at the parade this year, take your kids in tow and make a point to say thank you for his service. Then, explain to your kids why you did so.

Secondly, this concept challenges us to step up, stand up and do our part to keep America great. Not only have I “inherited the rewards of freedom”, but I have also “inherited the responsibility” of freedom. President Ronald Reagan compared America to a “city of light set upon a hill”. We must realize that this light of freedom was fueled by the lives of those who were willing to give so that others might have. It is now our responsibility to fuel that light.

You can get this wonderful book at, Tim Drake’s web site  or ask for it at your local book store.  It is a must for any veteran and their family or for any American and their family. God bless America and I hope that you will have a wonderful Fourth of July . . . .


Dale Throneberry
Vietnam Veteran
Veterans Radio 

Author, Tim Drake, has written a beautiful and meaningful story about his grandfathers. This book will make you want to find out more about your family’s history. I promise it will give you some insight into why you are the way you are today. Chuck LeFurge82D Airborne, Master ParachutistU.S. Army Major - RetiredTim Drake’s book “Inherited Freedom” provides a unique perspective, and a level of personal detail and reflection unlike the many other military books I have read in my lifetime. Inherited Freedom” is not a war story. It is not about larger than life heroes and battles. It is about our soldiers honorable military service, and their heartfelt obligations of “duty and sacrifice”. It is also about appreciating their sacrifices in terms of the personal freedoms that we Americans are blessed with today.

“Inherited Freedom” is a documented labor of respect and admiration developed by the author in his lifetime to date for the soldiers throughout our history that have given us the freedoms we are so privileged to enjoy today. The two main focus points of the book, his grandfathers Archie and Maurice, performed their part in WWII, and thanks to Tim their legacy will remain a part of written history forever.

One can easily sense the enjoyment Tim experienced in researching the historical facts, gathering the photos and artifacts, and documenting his thoughts relating to this book. His research included travel to many countries, documenting many interesting conversations, and visiting historical battlefields.

Throughout Tim shares his thoughts concerning the values of appreciating those who have served in our military, and their personal sacrifice, their faith, and belief in fighting for freedom and democracy. As an interesting perspective, Tim also shares his experience as an adopted son growing up and having a loving and respectful relationship with his adoptive parents. This relationship helped form Tim’s life, and his respect and admiration for all soldiers who sacrifice for something larger than themselves.

As a former soldier myself, I suppose these themes of duty, honor, and country are the reason why I enjoyed reading his book so much. I can only hope others who may or may not have served in the military may read it and feel the same way.

SSG Morris Franklin
U.S. Army Reserve
Operation Iraqi Freedom 2007-08

Inherited Freedom communicates on multiple levels. The depth of World War II history is conveyed, the personal stories of Archie and Maurice are experienced, and the current call to action is felt. It is the personal responsibility of all U.S. citizens to be aware, understand, and act - according to the past prices that have been paid and against the negative influences which currently threaten our country. If we don’t do this now, then we disrespect the valiant and selfless service of those who went before us and we mortgage the future rights and benefits of the next generations of U.S. citizens. The current wars here at home and abroad are unique as compared to enemies of the past, but what is at stake is the same – our inherited freedom.


Mr. Joe Givens
Bend, Oregon

CONTENT: WOW! As if history doesn't repeat itself! Tim, I'm impressed beyond words on how you brought this point in our history to life. I felt like I was right there in the trenches or right on the ships at sea with your relatives. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I, too, am quite sensitive to the sacrifices our forefathers have made for our freedom and don't take it lightly. I, too, am concerned that we do not forget those times and learn from those experiences and apply them to our current warp speed daily life as we deal with today's challenges and opportunities.


Mr. Allen Wheeler
Snellville, Georgia

This book is a highly readable and poignant memoir about two men who were members of our fading Greatest Generation. This is a story about their time of service in WWII, their actual war exploits, and their subsequent lives after the conflict ended. Grandson and WWII historian Tim Drake weaves a story of honor, sacrifice, duty and family, values on the wane today but highly prized many years ago. Inherited Freedom will touch you. It will provoke you. It may even spur you to action. A timely book which will serve as a reminder of an America that seems to be lost forever.


Mr. Bob Wasserman
Atlanta, Georgia
Well researched, very personable. The flow was good and kept my interest. I did not agree with some of the political points but that is the beauty of our freedom of speech. Job well done!


Mr. Bill Drobnich
President-558th AAA AW BNNew Enterprise, Pennsylvania

Well researched and should sell many copies. Your interest, support and friendship of the 558th are truly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to share information about us World War II veterans!

"No country upon earth ever had it more in its power to attain these blessings than United America. Wondrously strange, then, and much to be regretted indeed would it be, were we to neglect the means and to depart from the road which Providence has pointed us to so plainly; I cannot believe it will ever come to pass."

George Washington (letter to Benjamin Lincoln, 29 June 1788) Reference: George Washington: A Collection, W.B. Allen, ed. (403)

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